Cracking Elitmus

Archit Agarwal
2 min readAug 22, 2018


There are 3 sections in Elitmus.

1- Quantitative Aptitude

2-Logical Reasoning

3-Verbal Ability

Basic Strategy: Attempt 7–8 questions in QA and LR and 10–12 in VA and try to more accurate as there is negative marking also. Please Don’t Over attempt. And time management is another very important key to crack Elitmus. If you are leaving any section that will cost you.

Important links: As it contains previous Elitmus questions.

QUANT Section

DO’s: If you do a topic, make it your own, Study the topic thoroughly ,go in deep details and be very sure. And try using the options to get answers as it will save your time.

DONT’s : Don’t try to brush up all the topics.Otherwise you willn’t be able to solve questions.Don’t over attempt.

Try to practice as much as you can.Number System,Progressions are important topics.Try to solve the question using options as it will save your time. Upto Level-2 of Quantitative Aptitude by Arun Sharma would be enough for this.

Logical Reasoning Section:

In LR also practice as much as you can as there are no formulas in it.Your approach is very important. Practice previous years CAT questions. As some questions are repetitive.Logical Reasoning by Arun Sharma is fine.Don’t over attempt otherwise you will lose percentile.

You can try cryptarithmetic on this link Go for cryptarithmetic question only if you are confident otherwise it will eat your time.

Important: Data Sufficiency


Those who have prepared for CAT need not worry about this section. It is no where near the level of CAT. For others practice is the key. You can’t improve your english overnight. So go through the previous Elitmus papers.You will get the idea. Try passage and parajumbling as 3 passage usually comes.

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