Same Site Changes in Chrome

Same Site Meaning:

Set-Cookie: key=value; Secure; SameSite=Strict

Chrome changes:

  1. SameSite by default cookies enforces the Lax value for all cookies that don’t specify the SameSite attribute:
  2. Cookies without SameSite must be secure requires that all cookies without SameSite attribute need to be Secure as well. Cookies that fail to do so will be rejected.
Chrome Same Site

What you need to do?

Set-Cookie: key=value; Secure; SameSite=None
def isSameSiteApplicable(userAgent: String): Boolean = {
if (userAgent == "" || userAgent.length == 0)

chromeIndex = userAgent.toLowerCase.indexOf(CHROME)
if (chromeIndex != -1) {
val index = userAgent.indexOf(".", chromeIndex)
if (index != -1) {
val version = userAgent.substring(chromeIndex + CHROME.length, index)
if (toInteger(version) >= 67) true else false
else false

def toInteger(s: String): Int = {
try {
} catch {
case e: Exception => 0





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Archit Agarwal

Archit Agarwal

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