Software AG Interview Experience

Archit Agarwal
2 min readAug 22, 2018

Hi All,

Hope that all of you are preparing well for Software AG. I am sharing experience of software AG.First of all there was written test which constitute of Core Java and Aptitude.Aptitude was quite easy and it also contains some logical reasoning questions also so you can prepare them through Arun Sharma. Java was quite tough.You should be familiar with Collections very well and should run the basic questions of them.It is one of the most important topics in the test.Next is multi-threading so go through all the concepts and try to do some questions on your own.

Besides these topics OOPS concepts were there and other basic concepts of JAVA. Java plays an important role in your selection,So concentrate more on it. After the written round only 20 qualified for GD round out of 70. GD round was also important as it was elimination round.So please take care of that also.And put up your points in proper manner.Don’t argue too much and let other people speak when they are speaking. After GD round only 10 qualified for interview.Go through SCJP book by Katthy Sierra. As it has covered all the good concepts.And think about the practical example of very concept i.e abstract classes and interfaces and you should which one to use practically when and where.

Don’t give the theoretical concepts to explain the difference.So google all the practical examples of concepts. And read about the Singleton design pattern also. And Be confident of what are you saying.You should the how different data structures are implemented in your system.Prepare Collections and Multi-threading very well.You should be able to write programs also.I was not selected in the interview but it was great experience. All the very best to all

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